Benefits of Solid Plastering

Like most homeowners, you probably think of plaster as little more than a pretty surface finish. But what if we told you that solid plastering has many benefits over other wall finishes?? 

This blog post will look at some of the top reasons to consider solid plastering for your home renovation project. Ready to learn more? Keep reading! 

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Solid Plastering Offers a Sleek and Smooth Look 

Solid plastering is the way to go when it comes to giving your home a sleek and stylish look. This plastering offers a smooth, uninterrupted surface that can be painted or wallpapered to suit your taste. 

In addition, solid plastering is extremely durable and easy to maintain, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas like hallways and stairways. Solid plastering is the perfect solution if you’re looking for an elegant and sophisticated look for your home. 

Solid Plastering is Extremely Durable 

Regarding durability, solid plastering is in a league of its own. This plastering is made with hydrated lime, which gives it an incredibly strong bond. Once solid plastering has been set, it becomes a part of the wall itself and can last centuries.? 

That’s right – centuries! In contrast, gypsum-based plastering will degrade after just a few decades. So, solid plastering is the way to go if you’re looking for a long-lasting solution. 

Solid Plastering Offers Weatherproofing Benefits 

Plastering puts a smooth, even material layer over a rough or uneven surface. It can be used to finish interior walls, ceilings, and exteriors. Plaster has been used as a construction material for centuries, and many different types are available.? 

Solid plaster is one of the most popular choices for both indoor and outdoor applications. Unlike traditional plaster, which is made from lime, solid plaster is made from Portland cement, sand, and water. This combination gives solid plaster superior strength, durability, and resistance to weathering.? 

In addition, solid plaster can be tinted or colored to create various effects. As a result, it is an excellent choice for new construction and renovations. 

Solid Plastering Offers Sound Proofing Benefits 

A well-done plaster job can provide more than just a pretty face for your home. Plastering can offer some serious soundproofing benefits. By creating a barrier between the noisy outside world and the inside of your home, plaster can help you to achieve a more peaceful living environment.? 

Also, plaster is an excellent choice for homes close to high-traffic areas or busy roads, as it can help reduce noise pollution from these sources. So, if you’re looking for ways to improve the soundproofing of your home, be sure to consider the benefits of solid plastering. 


As you can see, you can get tons of benefits with solid plastering. However, remember that you can only achieve these benefits if you work with a professional plasterer. 

Because of this, always do your research first and make sure you hire a reliable and experienced plasterer to do the job for you.