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The new Shell Cottage Gallery, in Woodstock, is now open for visit most weekends, by chance
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Lynda was chosen to show a Valentine at the 71st annual Connecticut Artist Exhibition in the Converse Gallery, at the
Slater Memorial Museum in Norwich CT, through March 20.





This artist palette was on display at the Florence
Griswold Museum, in Old Lyme, CT, during the month of
December 2014. The museum had a tree decorated
with artist palettes from Connecticut.


Some of Lynda's works were previously available
and purchased through the New York Times Store. Her
valentines have also been shown in galleries on the Cape,
Newport, RI and in the Gallery on the Plaza at the Homer
Babbidge Library, University of CT, Storrs.


Lynda was featured in an article in the February 2009
issue of Country Living Magazine. Click here to view.


She was chosen to join the distinguished group of
craftsmen who comprise Early American Life Magazine's
directory of traditional American crafts. She was chosen
as a winner in 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005 and 2004.





Sailors' valentines were made in Barbados between 1830 and 1880 by the natives and sold to English and American sailors. This was a port of call for the ships coming home. The sailors bought these souvenirs as tokens of love to their wives or girlfriends.


The valentines were octagonal boxes made of cedrella (Spanish cedar). They contained mosaic designs created from seashells often including a message of sentiment. A glass was placed over the design to protect the delicate shells.


The old sailors' valentines are coveted by collectors and demand very high prices at auction. The rest are in museums and prized. Today there are but a few of us who are recreating these treasures in the traditional style.


I saw my first Valentine in a museum on Cape Cod as a child and have always been fascinated by them. Several years ago I tried to purchase one but it was too costly. A friend suggested that I create one. It has become my passion and will be tomorrow's heirlooms.


A local craftsman makes all the octagon boxes and then I faux finish them to look like the 19th Century ones. My mosaic works are all original designs but they too are modeled after the 19th Century valentines.


Feel free to view my gallery. If you have any questions, comments, or would like to purchase my work, please contact me.


Lynda Susan Hennigan

1089 Rt. 169 Woodstock, CT 06281 • 860-315-5334 • [email protected]




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